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Aho-Sorrento , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 5:26PM

Clouds; Mild Overnight

A bully high pressure in the Atlantic extends into the Southeast. It is forcing mild, moist air northward from the Gulf. A front gets closer tonight and tomorrow keeping clouds and a stray shower in the forecast. Fog remains an issue in the upslope region along the the Blue Ridge. Friday, the bully high flexes it's muscle, and the front retreats leading to a drier, warmer day.

Milder weather tends to mean fewer photos sent for the Photo of the Day. If you would like 24 hours of fame on RaysWeather.Com, send us a photo today. It has a good chance to get in. Thanks!

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Hi: 59 Lo: 53

Generally cloudy with patchy fog; A couple stray showers; Mild; South wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 64 Lo: 50

Mostly cloudy with patchy fog; Stray daytime shower or two possible; Unseasonably pleasant temperatures; Light South wind

Hi: 65 Lo: 47

Mostly cloudy with AM fog possible; Impressively mild; South wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 63 Lo: 52

Some early fog possible; Increasing clouds; Cannot rule out an afternoon or overnight shower; Still mild for February

Hi: 58 Lo: 41

Mostly cloudy; Occasional rain showers til evening

Further Out

Monday - Mostly cloudy; Cannot rule out a lingering shower; Not as warm; High in the upper 40s; Low in the mid 30s
Tuesday - Scattered clouds; Slightly above average temperatures; High in the lower 50s; Low in the mid 30s

Forecast Discussion

We have been talking about this setup for a week, and the abnormally strong Atlantic high is living up to its billing. The high pressure area extends into the Southeast and will be in place until Sunday. A front presses closer to us from the north and west tonight and Thursday then retreats Friday. The abnormally warm weather ends early next week, but even after a front moves through Sunday, temperatures remain above seasonal averages.

The southerly flow keeps patchy fog banked up against the Blue Ridge. That will continue through at least Friday morning. Some fog Saturday morning in the "fog likely" areas is "likely" as well.

As the front gets closer from the west tonight and Thursday, we'll have lots of clouds with stray showers in the region. Temperatures of course remain unseasonably warm.

Friday, the front retreats resulting in drier weather Friday into Saturday. Yes, still warm.

Late Sunday, a front moves through from the west. We'll have clouds and more showers.

The front will stall just to our south keeping lots of clouds around Monday with the chance of a lingering shower. Temperatures will be cooler but still not down to seasonal averages. We'll have more sun Tuesday.

Winter will return in March. We think we'll be back "to" or "below" average temperatures by the first weekend of March.


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