New River Brewing

 Fresh Local Libations


Now with two locations

in West Jefferson:


108 3rd Avenue


833 US-221


Your destination for delicious

food and craft beer! 


336-846-2739 (restaurant)

336-846-2729 (takeout)


Escape the ordinary in the

Coolest Corner of NC!



The 4 for $4 Meal Deal 

Just Got Bigger


Junior Bacon Cheeseburger  

or Crispy Chicken BLT


1016 Blowing Rock Rd, Boone

Alleghany Inn

Easy to find, hard to leave!


Located in Sparta, just 4 miles

from the New River and 7 miles

from the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Click for more information

or to make a reservation


It’s blue skies ahead at

Skyline National Bank,

your partner for a really great

banking experience.


We’re committed to always giving

you our best.Join us in striving

for excellence.


Together, the sky’s the limit.

It’s your choice... 


If, when or how you

would like to

start a family.




we are here for you.


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Current Conditions
Blowing Rock

Temp: 51.0°F
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Blowing Rock , NC
Weather station located at Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock.

Forecast Last Updated at Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 7:00PM

Gradual Improvement

Today ended up being a total washout for the area with unseasonably cool temperatures, breaking the record for the coolest high temperature for today (The old record was 57, set in 1951). The pattern we're in will gradually weaken its hold over the next few days. On-and-off showers continue tonight. Tomorrow it warms a little, but remains cool with mostly cloudy skies and widely scattered showers. Tuesday warms a bit more with partly cloudy skies, and widely scattered showers mostly in the afternoon.

We Have Winners!
123 photographers submitted over 700 photos in the contest. Then almost 30,000 votes were cast in voting for the best photo. The overall quality of photos was amazing--we could have produced 5 beautiful calendars from these submissions! Click here to see all the winning photos.
Additional photos will be selected as "Best of the Rest" photos during the next couple weeks as we do the design work on for next year's calendar.
Congratulations and thanks to all the winners!


Hi: 55 Lo: 49

Generally cloudy tonight with on-and-off showers; Light NW wind

Hi: 62 Lo: 52

Mostly cloudy; Showers likely; Maybe a PM t-shower; NW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 67 Lo: 53

Partly cloudy; Widely scattered mainly PM showers; East wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 70 Lo: 53

Partly cloudy; Widely scattered PM showers and thundershowers

Hi: 74 Lo: 54

Scattered clouds; Warmer; Isolated PM showers & thundershowers

Further Out

Friday - Partly sunny; Warm; Isolated PM showers & thundershowers; High in the mid 70s; Low in the mid 50s
Saturday - Partly sunny; Warm; High in the upper 70s; Low in the mid 50s

Forecast Discussion

Low-pressure has come ashore in eastern North Carolina while an upper level low pressure system spins overhead.

Today ended up a total washout, but the heaviest, steadiest rain has now lifted north of the area. More showers will pivot back into the High Country tonight. Skies slowly clear through midweek, becoming partly cloudy. Monday will have scattered to numerous showers, while Tuesday keeps most showers in the afternoon. Temperatures become seasonably cool by Tuesday.

The low pressure over eastern North Carolina moves northeastward off the coast, and a weak high pressure settles over the Southeast. Temperatures increase as clouds and coverage of afternoon showers and thundershowers slowly decreases.


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