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Current Conditions

Temp: 74.8°F

Forecast Last Updated at Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 12:10PM

Nice Albeit a Bit Cloudy

The next couple days will remain pleasant with temperatures generally running in the 70s for highs and 50s for lows under partly cloudy skies. Lower elevations will be a few degrees warmer. Summer returns later in the week and this weekend as high pressure strengthens over the Deep South. Isolated afternoon thundershowers will become a factor starting on Thursday, lasting through Sunday. They should be relatively few and far between, however.

The RWC Mobile App, the only weather app with real temperature data and custom forecasts for the Southern Appalachians. You need it... Android and Apple.


Hi: 76 Lo: 56

A mix of clouds and sun; Pleasant; SE wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 77 Lo: 58

Partly cloudy; Continued pleasant; SE wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 80 Lo: 62

Mainly sunny; Warmer; Cannot rule out an afternoon shower or t-shower; Light wind

Hi: 83 Lo: 63

Partly to mostly sunny; Isolated afternoon thunder; Humidity levels increasing

Hi: 83 Lo: 63

Partly sunny; Warm & humid; A couple lonely PM showers & thundershowers

Further Out

Sunday - Partly cloudy; Warm and humid; Isolated PM t-showers; High in the lower 80s; Low in the lower 60s
Monday - Variably cloudy; Humid; Widely scattered PM t-showers; High in the lower 80s; Low in the lower 60s

Forecast Discussion

The weather across the higher terrain will remain nice for a couple more days. A dry airmass will allow temperatures to dip into the 50s again tonight and probably again Wednesday night. Daytime highs will generally be in the mid to upper 70s. One “fly in the ointment” will be mid-level clouds. A strong inversion up around 10,000 feet is trapping moisture under it, maintaining quite a bit of cloud cover. If you want to take a picture of some altocumulus clouds, I’m guessing this will be your day.

A strong and deep layer ridge of high pressure builds into the region from the south for the end of the week. It would be more of an academic exercise to ask if it’s technically the Bermuda high or something a little more “continental”, but either way, it’s going to get warmer. The atmosphere under the ridge will be suppressed, meaning that sinking air won’t help thunderstorms develop. That’s to say, only isolated afternoon showers and t-showers are anticipated Thursday-Sunday.

The bad news about such a strong ridge over us is that it will act to steer any tropical systems to the west, toward Florida. That’s what the more reliable computer models are doing with the system that may eventually become “Hermine”. However it develops, most model solutions recurve the system before it can reach this far inland. Still, a few do bring it up into the Southern Appalachians. It is WAY too early to get worried yet. But it’s something we will watch very closely.


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