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Seven Devils , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 12:10PM

Lower Risk

Coverage of thundershowers is lower today through Friday compared to the last two days. But widely scattered showers and thundershowers will be around each of the next three days. A front moves through today from the northwest producing somewhat cooler temperatures Thursday through Saturday. Thundershower coverage increases Saturday, mostly focused on the afternoon and evening. A tropical low reaching the Mississippi Delta Monday will result in more humid, unsettled weather next week.

Here are the Winners of the 2019 Blue Ridge Parkway Photo Contest. We received 720 photos and over 16,000 votes. The cover winner was Johnny Davidson.. A rime ice scene from the top of Craggy Pinnacle. Congratulations to all the monthly winners. We will soon choose another 40 or so photos to be included in cameo roles. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.


Hi: 75 Lo: 56

Partly sunny; Widely scattered showers & t-showers; NW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 71 Lo: 56

Partly sunny; Widely scattered PM showers & t-showers; East wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 72 Lo: 57

Partly sunny; Widely scattered PM showers & t-showers; Light SE wind

Hi: 72 Lo: 59

Intervals of sunshine & clouds; Scattered mostly PM t-showers

Hi: 73 Lo: 58

Partly to mostly cloudy; Scattered afternoon & nighttime showers & t-showers

Further Out

Monday - Mostly cloudy; Scattered showers & t-showers; High in the lower 70s; Low in the upper 50s
Tuesday - Mostly cloudy; Scattered showers & t-showers; High in the lower 70s; Low in the upper 50s

Forecast Discussion

We have not had a front pass through in two weeks. Today, we break that streak. High pressure centered in the Great Lakes muscles a weak front through from the northwest as the Bermuda high gives up a couple hundred miles of territory... temporarily. The front fades off the map Friday and the Bermuda high reasserts itself this weekend.

Meanwhile, a broad surface low centered just east of Belize will lumber north during the next through the weekend eventually taking up residence in the Mississippi Delta where copious amounts of rain will fall early next week.

Today, expect widely scattered showers and thundershowers thanks to the front passing through. Thursday and Friday will be somewhat cooler. The front stalls just to our south keeping the threat of an afternoon thundershower in play both days. I called it "widely scattered" both days for safety sake, but coverage could be less.

After the front fades off the map Friday, the door opens for more humid air to return this weekend increasing thundershower coverage to increase, mostly focused on the afternoon and evening.

Early next week depends on details of the location of the tropical low. We'll be on the northern fringe its influence with scattered showers and thundershower in play each day continuing for most if not all of next week.


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