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NWS Special Weather Statement (Watauga County)

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Zionville , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 4:48PM

Late Week Rain

Tonight skies will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will be seasonably chilly. Clouds return tomorrow and rain follows tomorrow night. Heavier and steadier rain moves in on Friday and with the melting snow and frozen ground, flooding along streams, creeks etc. could be a problem. Rain and clouds hang in there with us on Saturday but the rain won't be as continuous as on Friday. We start to clear out by Sunday morning so Sunday may be a decent day to get outside. Early next week looks nice compared to the recent weather with sunny skies and mild temperatures.

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Generally clear
Lower 50s
NW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 44 Lo: 30

Mostly cloudy; Chilly; SW 5-15 wind mph, gusty at higher elevations

Hi: 44 Lo: 34

Mostly cloudy; Rain develops Thur night; Light SE wind

Hi: 43 Lo: 40

Cloudy; Rain; Wind SE 5-15 mph

Hi: 48 Lo: 35

Cloudy; Periods of light rain

Hi: 46 Lo: 32

Leftover morning cloudiness & light rain; Seasonal temperatures

Further Out

Monday - Partly cloudy; Remaining seasonal; High in the upper 40s; Low in the upper 20s
Tuesday - Mostly sunny; Nice day; High in the upper 40s; Low near 30 degrees

Forecast Discussion

A strong closed upper low over the southern Plains is our next weather maker. The low and its associated surface low will move east across the southeastern states and bring us plenty of moisture. We first start to see a chance of rain Thursday night but the bulk of the rain will be here Friday. That rain could be heavy at times as the moisture associated with this system is coming from the tropics. That system moves through our area by Sunday morning and we should begin to clear out by then. Since the system is still close by on Saturday, we will have some rain around through Sunday morning. The air is not cold enough to support snow but it is cool so it will be a cold rain; especially on Friday.

With all the snow melting and the frozen ground, the heavy rain could lead to flooding problems; especially near rivers, creeks and streams.

Sunday could end up being a nice day once the skies clear out. We don't see any cold air heading toward us from Canada. Instead, the air is more Pacific in origin so when the sun is out, our temperatures will feel mild. You'll really notice that feeling early next week.

For a historical perspective... after searching through all the December snow data for Boone this last event is now the biggest December snow on record. The 18.5" of snow over 2.5 days, beat out Dec 26-27, 1969 when we had 18".

Boone December Double Digit Snow events
Dec 8-10, 2018, 18.5"
Dec 26-27, 1969, 18"
Dec 1-3, 1974, 16"
Dec 19-20, 2009, 15"
Dec 17, 1930, 15"
Dec 12-14, 2010, 14"
Dec 25, 1939, 12"
Dec 4, 1971, 11"


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